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Burrows and Badgers: Fur and Feathers Kickstarter (Part One)

Oathsworn Miniatures recently went to Kickstarter in order to expand the model range for their 'Burrows and Badgers' anthropomorphic animal miniatures range. This latest set of additions was known as 'Fur and Feathers' in order to compliment their previous 'New Blood' Kickstarter amongst others...
The intention was to fund the creation of thirteen miniatures and a piece of appropriate scenery and later two more miniatures were added as freebies to those with the appropriate pledge levels or as add-ons for every-one else. This feature will be divided into two and will cover (roughly) half of the miniatures per article.

This was the level at which I pledged...

For want of a better way of dividing them up I'm going to do it alphabetically with the 'Mouse House' in the second article tomorrow.

Let's get started then...
'Bad' Sally the Knife, Shrew Pirate

Dead-Eye Jack, Dandy HighwayFox

Dyarna the Huntress, Hare-oine

Fearnly the Bold, Mouse Shieldmaiden

Grarrp Croaak, Toad Mage

'Grumbling' Tom, Weasel Soldier

Lorgon Strong-Arm, Mole Mercenary

'Pious' Tom, Mouse Monk

That'll do for now with Part Two appearing tomorrow.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
Should you ever choose to purchase something based on one of my features or reviews then it would be nice if you could let the company know where the inspiration came from...who knows...they might be grateful to the poor unappreciated blogger who sent you their way...if however I've put you off a can keep that info to yourself...

Wyrd Games - Monday Preview

This weeks Wyrd Games Monday Preview is from their Through the Breach RPG...
Another Monday means another preview!  Today we are looking at the Marksman pursuit from Above the Law, the upcoming Guild supplement for Through the Breach.  Let's learn a little bit about this new pursuit!
The Marksman Pursuit allows a character to focus upon ranged combat - with an emphasis on "ranged" - more than any other Pursuit. While the Gunslinger might throw out a wild flurry of pistol shots and the Boomer might unleash the raw devastation of a powerful shotgun, the Marksman takes a more patient approach by carefully lining up her shots before pulling the trigger.

This focus is evident in the Marksman's Talents. Right from the very start, the Marksman gains the powerful Take Aim action, which allows her to increase the range of her projectile weapons  (whether they're rifles, pistols, or cannons) by an impressive four yards. As she advances, a Marksman gains access to additional Talents that allow her to remain on the back lines of a battle, ideally hidden in a place of cover as she steadily and patiently debuffs her enemies with carefully-placed shots.

The reputation of the Guild's expertly-trained riflemen makes them the most obvious examples of Marksmen in Malifaux, but this Pursuit would also be appropriate for anyone wanting to emulate patient ranged killers like the Katanaka Snipers or the December Acolytes (their harpoon guns are Long Arm weapons, after all). The Gremlins are pretty fond of their ramshackle rifles, too, if your trigger finger is itching for a bit of Bayou action...

Hasslefree Miniatures - Newsletter

The latest releases from Hasslefree Miniatures...

No Mail until November!
Ok, well I had my surgery on Wednesday and it went well, however other than a really hyper half day on Friday I have spent the vast majority of the time since then asleep. It seems my body is withdrawing from the vast amount of painkillers by hibernating :)

As such, this is just a reminder email, and the sale runs until Hallowen so we have another Sunday newsletter to get better images up.

Also, because we had a couple of enquiries about it, yes the code works on all the new releases below! 

Oh, and we're having some fun with Kev faces, feel free to join in!

Right, listen up guys and gals!

We're closing for mail for the rest of the month. 'No' orders willl go out until we're back to work in November*

As always when we close for any reason and you lot have to wait for your orders there is a bonus!

May I present, the bonus....

* (unless you email us because of an emergency/bday/whatever and then we'll see what we can do).
The Big 2017 Halloween Sale!
Our biggest sale of the year!

Use the code 'HALLOWEEN2017' to get a whopping 20% discount of most things* and a discount of everything else.

Input the code on the final 'confirmation' page, at the top. If you hit the payment page you went too far.

(Stop writing it in the comments box! Anyone who writes it in the comments box is getting the worst flavour sweets!).

We've also updated our system so the code can now be used multiple times by the same customer, meant to do that for a 'long' time! :)

*The below new releases, red box, some other stuff, are all just reduced rather than the full 20% off, you'll see :))

The sale runs until November.

Please remember, no mail will be posted until the sale is over, the discount is in return for the wait :)

Oh, and for the big spenders, as always during promotions we have...
Halloween Goody Bags
Anyone spending £70 or more* will qualify for a Halloween Goody Bag. Goody bag will contain a variety of 'things', a free mini or 2 (themed appropriately), some 'bitz' such as sand or cogs and, of course, extra Halloween candy (i.e. it's sour!).
*Actual total paid, including discount, postage, VAT etc.

Larger spends qualify for larger goody bags, no limit on goody bag size :D We will also theme the goody bag to the order, so if you ordered Fantasy the free mini/s wil be fantasy and so on. 

Right, yet another Brexit intermission coming up...
Unsurprisingly, Brexit Still Sucks!
After a couple of attempts to rally the Pound kind of given up for a bit and is content to just continue to suck for the moment.

Just as an example to our American friends, our current standard single metal pricepoint with the sale discount is less than $4.50! 

For the Mainland Euros out there, our standard pricepoint, with the sale is also less than 4.50 Euro!

For the Aussies less than $6 and for the Japanese, less than 500 yen! Madness!
Our airmail stickers are at the ready! :D

Right, , and you thought this was all just sale talk? Hell no, this is the 2017 'Spectacular! ...
New Releases! Resin and Metal!
Yup, thanks to my surgeries (see waaaaay down below) we haven't released anything new in a bit. Now we don't normally release things during a sale but I've fiddled with the system a bit to combine the two. So now you can get your New Releases in the same order as your much reduced regular minis!

And for the first time in a while, we have an actual Halloween themed release! We shall be making an effort to do more themed minis throughout the next year, keep an eye on our FB page for threads about the possibilities :)
Resin Master - Red Raine
'Red' Raine, slayer of virgins, the sober and anyone who does actually come right back.

Armed with a woodmans axe and very sharp, very large, machete.

Come with a choice of heads, masked and unmasked. A tall, built woman, ~32mm.
Resin Master - Stefania
Stefania is another 'one and done' in the vein of Francis and Mikey.

Her final form will be armed with something, we just haven't decided what. She may also get some broken fishnets or something if Kev is feeling extravagant.

So get her while ya can!
Resin Masters - Bjornolf
Bjornolf Beornson, a raider in Ulfred's clan. Big, strong, fearless and usually carrying a very large axe.
Resin Masters - Sigrid
Sigrid Hjálmun, a shieldmaiden known for somehow avoiding helmet hair no matter how long the battle.

Armed with a round shield, sword and runehelmet.
Resin Master - Halvdan
Halvdan Rasmussen, one of the few outsiders in Ulfred's clan. His heritage may be mixed but his loyalty is true.

A man of many weapons, seen here with a large maul that seems awfully light in his hands but also regularly seen with smaller faster weapons.
Resin Master - Bjornolf Dolly
Another of Kev's finished dollies, all ready for you to practise skintones on or to sculpt your own clothing onto?
Resin Master - Sigrid Dolly
Another of Kev's finished female dollies, all ready for you to practise skintones on or to sculpt your own clothing onto?
Resin Master - Halvdan Dolly
Another of Kev's finished dollies, all ready for you to practise skintones on or to sculpt your own clothing onto?
Resin Master - Hurin Dolly
Yet another of Kev's finished dollies, all ready for you to practise skintones on or to sculpt your own clothing onto?
Resin Master - Dwarf Male Dolly II
A finished Dwarven male dolly. Make your own hero!
Resin Master - Octavia Amser
Octavia is a Chronomancer, a skilled magic user in general she specialises in the magicks of time. Able to slow her surroundings to a crawl oe blink between moments she is far more than she looks.
Resin Master - Octavia Skyclad
skyclad version of Octavia, either to portray her nude or for you to sculpt your own choice of clothing and accessories.
Resin Master - Dynamic Hayden Skyclad
Hayden is one of the few female slayers of the Northern mountains. Sword to search out and destroy creatures that threaten her homelands, made a little easier by her rather large runeaxe.

Seen here in 'skyclad' form, either ready to be painted in a thousand tattos or for you to sculpt your own clothing/armour on to.
Resin Master - Dynamic Armoured Kayden
Kayden, slayer-sister of Hayden. Caught in the middle of an overhead chop with her two-handed runesword and wearing a scalemail shirt..
Resin Master - Barbaric Kayden
Kayden, slayer-sister of Hayden, caught mid swing with her two handed runesword.
Resin Master - Cmdr. Jake Slaughter
Commander Slaughter of the Galactic Navy's ATF (Alien Task Force) is one of a dying breed. A veteran of the Druusch Wars he is still far more at home exploring dangerous hulks and alien planets than doing anything even resembling paperwork.

They keep promoting him in the hopes that one day he'll choose to pass on his vast array of alien knowledge and fighting techniques to the next generation. If he ever comes back to the Sol system. There are those who say he probably doesn't even realise he's still enlisted never mind his own rank.

Armed here with a variant of the SHARD rifle and a customised handheld chainsaw.
Steve, Galactic Platypus
Please Note: This is a metal listing, I left the metal Steve at the unit like a spacker.
'Steve' is another escapee from the hybrid experimentation factory that spawned H4, Smudgester and Chipster. Attempting Hybrids to operate on hostile swamp planets they used an extinct Earth mammals DNA.
Since their escape, Steve has banded with Chipster and is outfitted in similar custom-designed amour, with an IR-Win cyber-eye, and is armed with a railgun of unknown origin.
(~32mm minimum, this is a human/animal hybrid, not a modified Platypus :) )

Made in partnership with the Random Platypus miniature discussion forum.
Sister Morrigan, Battle Sister
Morrigan is a Battle Sister of the Ordinem Sanctae Malleo. Unflinching and unforgiving, she wields her twin hammers with deadly precision and the strength of the Faithful.
Seen here in full battle armour and plaited hair, early in her career.
She also comes with the two handed maul option, both weapon options  included.

(Thanks Stone Cold Lead for the image, we'll sort ours out shortly)
Mother Morrigan, Chapter Leader
Mother Morrigan is a Chapter Leader of the Ordinem Sanctae Malleo. Unflinching and unforgiving, she wields her two-handed maul with deadly precision and the strength of the Faithful.
Seen here in full battle armour and the shorn scarred head indicative of the elders of the Order.

Comes with a choice of two handed maul and twin single hammers.

(Thanks Stone Cold Lead for the image, we'll sort ours out shortly)
Lord Karghoul, Darksteel Warrior
Lord Karghoul, favoured of the Dark Gods and longtime rival of Ulthrak. Encased in thick darksteel armour and ensorcelled helm, Karghoul has long since been nothing but an extension of the Dark God's will.
Lucy, Skyclad Concubine
Another member of our Fantasy Harem of beautifully sculpted women in a severe state of undress.
We've added a big restock that literally just came in, so if something was missing, then check again! :)

We 'may' get another restock in before the sale is over, we'll update you with a newsletter if we do!
My Health & Surgeries
I want to assure those of you who have emailed or PM'd etc that I'm ok, I'm not dying or anything :) I'm just randomly in a lot of pain or high *grin*

I have had 8 surgeries since last November when this kicked in and I have another on the 18th, so in a few days, but most of them would be considered dental surgery if I was someone else. Due to some complications I have to have them all under sedation anaesthetic and so it complicates matters.

I do appreciate the well wishes, some of you guys even sent me gifts and get well cards etc. and I do thank you :) I will live, there's very little permanent damage to either me or the business ;)

I'll be fine, the biggest issues it has caused are a lack of certain updates, a short period of turbulence in the unit and a huge delay to the Kickstarter Pledge Manager as those are the things that could not just be shifted to someone else for help.

Talking of the Kickstarter ...
Kickstarter News
Ok, the Pledge Manager is done. At last!

This week the 'smoke test' will happen which is a small percenatge of backers getting access to the pledge manager for a test run. We don't choose that percentage, the pledge manager company does so don't ask to sneak onto it :)

For those of you who missed the Kickstarter you 'will' be able to late pledge during this, and it'll run all the way through November too. I'll explain that further in next week's newsletter.

For those of you who already backed, if you want to take advanteg of the sale, just write 'KICKSTARTER' in the comments box and we'll keep the order aside to ship together with your pledge and it will save you postage. (I'll also come talk to you over on the KS itself).

If you're confused at all, wait for the next newsletter :)
... And Finally
Wow, quite the period these last few months. Who would have thought a broken face could cause so much annoyance. Touch wood this past weeks op was the last one and we're not just back to normal but hitting the ground running. Others have been working behind the scenes while I've been in and out of surgeries so there is a bunch of stuff planned and waiting for me :)

If something has gone wrong during this time for you, the update is HERE.

And yes, when I put out the next newsletter the images will be updated with the multi angle ormetal etc, whatever's missing now will be fixed during the week around my surgery :)

Star Trek Discovery is terrible, The Orville however is like well done fan fiction of the Next Generation, with a few lame dick jokes, so watch that instead (Unless you like hatewatching stuff then watch STD)
'til next time,
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