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Unboxing Malifaux - Cyclops

"I've got my eye on you..."

The Cyclops box contains enough parts for two miniatures...namely the Cyclops. It also contains a stat cards for him and one for her though there are no upgrade cards.

Cyclops - Sprues
The box has two sprues in it as well as the aforementioned cards. Here's pictures of both sides of them...

Cyclops - Stat Cards
Wyrd Games didn't like my publishing pictures of both sides of the stat cards so you'll have to make do with this...

Should there be any assembly issues with the model then they will be listed in the appropriate section and you can view larger versions of the smaller pictures or instruction pictures by clicking on them.

Cyclops - Instructions

Some General Notes on Assembly
Many of these models contain quite small parts so depending on how dexterous you are you might consider getting yourself some tweezers. Dry-fitting is also always a good idea in case a part needs a tiny bit of extra filing or filling as some of the fits are quite tight. Where the parts on the sprue are quite thin (chains, weapon shafts, cables and the like) then it might be better to remove parts with a sharp scalpel rather than cutters.


Female Cyclops - Assembled
There are some tiny icicle spikes on the weapon that are just asking to be snapped so be careful when handling that part and the weapon shaft is also thin in a number of places. The other pieces are sturdy and fit together well. Also for those of you who are bothered by such things the models arm and weapon will overlap the base somewhat no matter where you attach the model.

Male Cyclops - Assembled
As well as on the weapon (like the female version) this model also has some tiny spikes on the legs and his back and additionally his weapon shaft is also thin in a number of places so the same warnings apply. The two part jaw is also thin and the same care should also be taken. The remaining pieces are sturdy and fit together well. This model is also overall too big for the base and if you want the staff to rest upon it be prepared for some conversion work or to extend the base in some manner at the rear. Transportation may become an issue as well depending on how you normally store your miniatures.

Cyclops - Rotational View
Here's a couple of rotational views of the for the male and another for the female...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome
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