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Warhammer 40K - Coming Back to 8th Edition

Those of you who have been followers of this blog for quite some time may recall that in the dim and distant past my primary game system was Warhammer 40K and remained so right up till the terrible imbalance that was 6th Edition and I also managed to remain indifferent during the massively bloated 7th. I am however giving 8th a go with a small group of friends who nicely hover in the 'competitive enough but not so much that you want to stab them' category.

I have started this by purchasing the Dark Imperium Warhammer 40K starter set and then swapping out the Death Guard half with another local player. This left me with a considerable quantity of Primaris Marines and a shiny new rulebook...a few other purchases were also made...

I'm of the opinion that currently Primaris Marines work best as a mixed force with the original style of Marines for a number of reasons but in the main they (imo at least) lack long range firepower and are a tad tactically inflexible. The issue is of course that my own custom 'Night Reaper' Chapter had a quite distinctive style caused by my use of normal marine configurations with Chaos parts liberally added to give them a renegade look.

Night Reapers - Tactical Squads

Night Reapers - Veteran Scouts

Night Reapers - Assault Squads

Fortunately it seems that Games Workshop have either thought ahead or somewhat by accident they've made the heads, many shoulder pads and quite a few of the weapons close enough in scale to swap between the Primaris and standard Marines. This means that I've been able to match my new Primaris recruits to my original concept with a few head-swaps and some basic reposing. The reposing was necessary as due to having two of the same Dark Imperium halves I obviously have some identical models as the starter box models are of the simple assembly variety.

These are the Primaris Librarian with a Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer head on instead and the Primaris Captain with a Dark Angels Veteran head instead of the provided Primaris one. I haven't decided whether to use their correct shoulder pads or Chaos ones so their right shoulders are currently bare.

Here's some comparison pictures between my converted versions of the starter set Lieutenants and the originals with head swaps. Two of the Primaris Marines had their helms attached to their belts so I swapped those instead of the actual heads. The sword armed version had a simple arm re-position while one of the Bolt Rifle armed versions had a slightly more complicated swap of weapons which required some green-stuff work to get the arm at the required angle.

Once I was fairly certain I could match the older marines from my chapter in appearance I moved onto attempting to match the colour scheme. Unfortunately the two paints I used to mix are no longer produced by Games Workshop and the alternatives aren't quite the same. I therefore went with a metallic blue that despite not being exactly the same as my original scheme is still similar enough in style so they're obviously the same chapter. I did a test model just to be sure...

With that worked out I started some minor conversion work on the Inceptors involving the addition of some trophy racks. The heads are unfortunately too enclosed for me to replace with horned versions...

...and then of course there's Daemon Prince Guilliman Shibboleth....

I've had a few messages from people concerned that I the haven't been posting much lately and this is due to my abandoning all other games in place of Warhammer 40K 8th edition...the truth is that I have been working seventy hour, seven day weeks and simply haven't had the time to do any detailed unboxing and review features. Whereas the above conversions and projects are things I can get done in the couple of hours a day I've actually had to myself. Hopefully things will get back to normal within a week or so...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Wyrd Games - Monday Preview

Another Monday Preview for Malifaux from Wyrd Games...

Bring out yer dead!  
Today's Monday preview is for all of us who are shuffling around this morning like certain undead might do.  We are taking a look at an awesome new piece of art from the upcoming Gravedigger for the Ressurrectionists. 
And the earlier ones for this upcoming book release...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

North Star - Newsletter

The latest newsletter from North Star Figures...

ChupacabraJackalopeWe are right in the middle of our Nickstarter campaign for the new Osprey book Dracula's America. If you join in now, you'll get the first free figure released by Spend Goal 1, the Jackalope. By joining in now, we'll get us closer to achieving the next free figure, the Chupacabra.
We are planning to ship all the Dracula's America Nickstarterorders in the second week of August, much earlier than the official release date.
Photo of Landsknechts Pikemen (plastic) (202016001)As you'd expect, we've got a great selection of the latest wargames 'stuff' to show you. A favourite of mine is Warlords new plastic Landsknechts. Why a favourite? I love the look of the Italian Wars, I've lots of the Artizan Design Landsknechts already painted, looking forward to adding a pike block or two of these to the armies.Photo of German Motorcycle R75 with Sidecar. (RU-280051)Another personal favourite this month are the plastic WW2 motorbikes from Rubicon Models. We had to withdraw our metal bikes a few years ago because they were a headache to cast, so we're hoping these will fill that gap in our WW2 range for you. Oh, and new plastic Jeeps!
new Artizan Design Soviets
What's next? We'll have new Artizan Design Soviets by the next newsletter. I was hoping to show you the new plastic Crewmen for October's Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago release, but this newsletter is probably 2-3 days too early. Frostgrave: Ghost ArchipelagoIf you participate in Social Media, follow our Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago page, we'll post the first pictures there, otherwise look out for the next newsletter.
Lastly, if you are attending the Claymore show in Edinburgh on the 5th of August, look out for our figure ranges on the Ainsty Castings stand. If there's something specific you want to get, contact us or Andy at Ainsty, we can bring it along for you.
Thanks for reading
Nick Eyre
Dracula's America: Shadows of the West
Visit the Nickstarter webpage, read what it's all about and follow how the pre-order campaign is getting on.
Dracula's America: Shadows of the West in August. Expect to get a newsletter from us next week announcing the start of the Nickstarter pre-order program for Dracula's America, though while you wait here's a selection of the miniatures to look forward to.
New from
Warlord Games
British Union Brigade
British Union Brigade
British Household Brigade
British Household Brigade
British Household Brigade
Photo of Landsknechts Pikemen (plastic) (202016001)
Landsknechts Pikemen (plastic)
Contains: Plastic components to make either 30 Pikemen or 24 Pikemen and 5 Arquebusiers, Command sprue with options for officers, standard bearers, drummers, etc.Plastic bases. Background guide with 5 full-colour flags. 28mm sized plastic figures.
Photo of Landsknechts Pikemen (plastic) (202016001)
Victrix Ltd. Ancient Greece
Photo of Macedonian Greek Successor Heavy Cavalry (VXA027)
Macedonian Greek Successor Heavy Cavalry
Photo of Macedonian Greek Successor Heavy Cavalry (VXA027)
12 x 28mm 1/56th Scale Hard Plastic Multipose Miniatures. This superb box contains 12 highly detailed Macedonian Greek Successor Heavy Cavalry. There are many options in this set: Cloaks and Xystons included to create Macedonian Cavalry. Javelins and short spears for Thessalian Noble Cavalry. Javelins and short spears but no cloaks for Greek Heavy Cavalry. Shields and later Hellenistic helmets for Later Greek Cavalry
Rubicon Models
Rubicon Models 1/56th 28mm scale plastic WW2
Photo of SdKfz 3a Maultier 2 ton Half-Track Cargo Truck  (RU-280046)
RU-280046 - SdKfz 3a Maultier 2 ton Half-Track Cargo Truck
Photo of SdKfz 305/3a Expansion Set - Box Body (Einheitskoffer)  (RU-280047)
RU-280047 - SdKfz 305/3a Expansion Set - Box Body (Einheitskoffer)
Photo of German Motorcycle R75 with Sidecar. (RU-280051)
RU-280051 - German Motorcycle R75 with Sidecar.
Photo of German Motorcycle R75 with Sidecar. (RU-280051)
Photo of German Motorcycle R75 with Sidecar (DAK) (RU-280052)
RU-280052 - German Motorcycle R75 with Sidecar (DAK)
Photo of Willys MB ¼ ton 4x4 Truck (US Standard) (RU-280049)
Photo of Willys MB ¼ ton 4x4 Truck (US Standard) (RU-280049)
RU-280049 - Willys MB ¼ ton 4x4 Truck (US Standard)
Photo of Willys MB ¼ ton 4x4 Truck (Commonwealth) (RU-280050)
RU-280050 - Willys MB ¼ ton 4x4 Truck (Commonwealth)
Gale Force 9
TANKS, the World War II Tank Skirmish Game
TANKS The World War II Tank Skirmish Game
4Ground! Super quality Laser Cut kits and wargames accessories.
4Ground Super quality Laser Cut kits and wargames accessories
Fabled Realms - Tueden League
Photo of Tueden League Wooden Tower  (28S-FAR-123)
28S-FAR-123 - Tueden League Wooden Tower
Fabled Realms - Mordanburg
Photo of Eightfold Path Shrine (28S-FAR-118)
28S-FAR-118 - Eightfold Path Shrine
World at War28mm East Europe Building
Battlefronts Team Yankee
Battlefront MiniaturesBattlefront MiniaturesBattlefront Miniatures'
Team Yankee
Battlefield in a Box  British  East German  Paint Set  Soviet U.S.A.  West German
Photo of Red Thunder (FW909)Red Thunder
The Revolution Calls Comrade!The Soviet Union’s most powerful forces are stationed in East Germany and Czechoslovakia poised on the border with West Germany ready to strike at a moment’s notice. They are equipped with the very best Soviet industry has to offer, from sophisticated missile firing T-64 tanks and powerful T-72 tanks to versatile BMP infantry fighting vehicles, as well as plentiful BTR-60 armoured personnel carriers.
Supported by elite Afgansty Air Assault troops, powerful self-propelled artillery, and effective and numerous antitank and anti-aircraft weapons, there will be little that the corrupt capitalist armies of NATO can do to stop them. Soon the western workers will be free and the dawn of a new socialist age will begin.
Red Thunder
Photo of Yuri's Wolves Army Deal  (TSUAB3)TSUAB3 - Yuri's Wolves Army Deal
Contains five plastic T-64 Tanks, two plastic BMP transports, one plastic tank commander sprues, two decal sheet, one plastic commander sprue, six unit cards, one mini Team Yankee rule book and one printed Assembly Guide booklet.
The war Yuri had been training his men for had arrived, and though he had little doubt of the savage fighting to come, he was supremely confident in his men and their equipment. He signalled the advance and his T-64 tanks rolled forward.
FROSTGRAVE Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City
Frostgrave Barbarians
Photo of Kornovik Barbarian Outcast (FGV408)
FGV408 - Kornovik Barbarian Outcast
Frostgrave Extras
FGX002 - Bear
FGX002 - Bear
Horror Stories
A miniature range to support the wargame rules
Arkeo Obskura by Massimo Torriani
DunkirkWith the new movie coming to the cinema this month, and the release of Bolt Action's Operation Sealion supplement, don't forget Crusader Miniatures do a splendid 28mm 1940 range including British, German and French forces.
GO TO Crusader Miniatures
Crusader World War II
World War II
Photo of French Motorcycle and Sidecar (WWF049)Photo of French Motorcycle and Sidecar (WWF049)
Ruga-Ruga Publications
Ruga-Ruga PublicationsWargames Rules by Author Chris Peers
author of Death in the Dark Continent
If you like Death in the Dark Continent, have a look at some of Chris Peers other rules where he uses the same system in other eras and theatres. We don't have many of these titles left, they are all coming to the end of their print runs, and we won't be reprinting.
Death in the Dark Continent
Wargaming in 19th Century Africa
Photo of Death in the Dark Continent. (BP1569)Death in the Dark Continent is a 176 page, full colour, hard back book that takes the reader deep into late 19th Century Africa.
At it's heart is a wargame, a game that allows the player to field armies of miniature figurines representing African Tribes, European Invaders and Native Kingdoms.
With an emphasis on the people of Africa as well as the Colonial Invaders, Death in the Dark Continent is a unique publication offering 80 different army lists covering all the vastly different forces in Sub-Saharan Africa 1870 to 1899.
Death in the Dark Continent also includes a historical background to the situation in Africa 1870-99, a who's who of the major players and a 'bonus' skirmish game.
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